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Titan RP
3D Space Shoot'em Up for Smartphones and Tablets

We are in 2147. Humankind has exhausted all of Earth's resources. Earth is controlled by two gigapowers, both of which are desperately searching for new resources. This search extends to the Galaxy, and thus to Titan, one of Saturn's moons, on which Chason, the material promising to solve all their problems is finally discovered. Both corporations pounce at the opportunity, and a war breaks out for control over the mines. Other actors in the war are the creatures arriving with the meteor showers, who feel they have a right to Chason too. The player is naturally fighting for the "good" side: he is an honest and law-abiding citizen of Earth's civilization, a soldier of the Allied Forces.

Chason is a radioactive material, which in addition to its impressive energy content, also produces heat. After a meteor shower hits the planet, Chason is dispersed over the planet's entire surface. Owing to the scatter of meteors containing higher amounts of energy, the ice-sheet covering surface has melted in some spots, resulting in a chaotic world of rich energy fields, lava flows, rocky landscapes, open waters and ice.

Destroy the alien-armada on the Titan surface.

Titan's forces need you:

• Millions different enemies
• The game is packed with 9 breath taking levels giving you hours of fun.
• Constantly changing challenges in your league
• State of the art 3D graphics and sound effects
• Fierce boss battles
• Upgrade your ships, shields, guns in lot of combinations
• Classic arcade action with impressive 3D visuals
• Numerous items out there to collect Get ready to fire!




Download Here the iOS version or Here the Android version