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BOOMco Extreme

BOOMco™ Extreme

A Mattel Game 
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iOS | Android


Ready to test your blasting skills? Play the BOOMco game!

Amp up the epic action on four different levels — the outdoor skateboard park, indoor go-kart track, outdoor bike track and an awesome outdoor rafting. 

Use your blaster and darts to nail Smart Stick™ targets and rack up points. But blast fast because the timer is counting! Then perform cool tricks to earn Power Ups, which let you increase your score, dart count, reload speed, and more.

Earn rewards and BOOMcoins to unlock additional content, including high-performing blasters and darts. Plus, customize your blasters and make them even more powerful and precise!

For more exciting fun, try to beat your own score — or challenge friends to the ultimate blast-off. And if its not enough, you can play with friends in mad multiplayer mode on every track! It’s totally up to you!

Let the adrenaline-fueled awesomeness begin! Download the BOOMco Freestyle game and HaveABlast™!












Download Here the iOS version or Here the Android version