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HTML5 Linkers

LINKERS: Corn Smash

Reference (Hired)


Corn smash is a html5 game where the player need to smash the falling corns. The graphics are rendered in 3D.





Dance is a single player rhythm game. Three characters are playable. The characters and their movement are rendered in 3D and has animated background.


LINKERS: Color Destroyer



The goal is to remove every shape by clicking with the mouse. When the same colored pieces are together the player can remove them all. It has physics, so the player need to be very accurate.


LINKERS: Invasion



2D side-scroller shoot-em up. Animated background and characters.


LINKERS: Cooking



The player can place cookies into the microwave, and remove them when it is done, but the cookies bake unevenly, and if the player removes them too early, then they need to put it back hence they lost time.

Animated microwaves. Visually representation of baking and burning.



LINKERS: Mole Hunt



A super fun really easy, cool and addictive whack-a-mole like game with animated background and 3D rendered monsters and hammer.